899 FM 2307

Riesel, TX 76682

806-702-5116 or 806-543-8629

Waco's local source for pasture-raised chicken and eggs,

grass-fed/grass-finished beef, and raw honey

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You’re trying to find food that you KNOW is raised responsibly and without unnecessary chemicals or antibiotics.

It’s difficult to find a place to buy food that meets your standards and that you enjoy visiting!

We used to struggle to find eggs and meats that not only were raised responsibly, but were local and tasted GREAT. We wanted to see it for ourselves, and now we do it for ourselves and for you.

Blackland Farm & Cattle raises pastured chicken and eggs, grass-fed beef, and raw honey. It is our ultimate goal to make our farm healthy – not just the animals and your food, but the grass and soil that sustains it. We can’t do that by adding unnecessary chemicals to our operations. Farm work may be dirty, but our food is CLEAN!



Our chicken is raised outside in sunshine and fresh air – the way it should be! Pasture raised chicken is nutritious,

flavorful, and benefits the pasture and soil. Whole chickens and pieces available.


Our laying flock thrives on our pasture-based farm. They soak up sunshine while scratching and pecking the pasture for bugs, seeds, and forage. Most importantly – they produce the best eggs in the world. Pasture-raised eggs are a nutrient-dense super food with higher levels of vitamin E and Omega-3 fats than conventionally raised eggs.


Our beef is grass-fed and grass-finished on our farm. We manage our herd to utilize the pasture in the most efficient and beneficial way possible. Grass-fed and grass-finished beef offers excellent nutrition and health benefits. Our cattle enjoy life out in the pasture and are never in a feed lot.


Honeybees are vital to the vibrancy of our farm and daily lives. Our 100% pure honey is raw and unfiltered, leaving all of its natural benefits intact. Our bees are surrounded by mesquite, cedar, and all sorts of wildflowers.

Ready to start cooking the best food around? Click here to get three of my favorite recipes using our pasture-raised chicken, and be the first to know what's going on at the farm!

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